Celebrity Stalker are a punk/metal crossover band from Southern California featuring a trio of individuals from different backgrounds combining to deliver up-tempo, hard-hitting songs.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Your Mom” below:

Celebrity Stalker entered the studio to begin work on their debut album in the summer of 2019, working with Dave Klein, former drummer of legendary punk band Agent Orange. The group released Year of the Thief in 2020.

On the writing and recording process behind “Your Mom, the band states:

“‘Your Mom’ is a song we wrote after being inspired by a true story, even if slightly exaggerated. We knew the hook was “Your Mom” from the beginning, so LP3 set out to write the music, while Jason wrote the words that tell the whole story in rated R detail.

In the studio, we decided to flip the song upside down, taking out the original, graphic, sex lyrics and switching it up with a more subtle, innuendo approach to the story. We also polished some of the more aggressive elements of the musical composition and mellowed out the crunch in the verse, giving the song a more classic, ‘80s, Southern-California punk sound.”

Purchase and stream Year of the Thief here.

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