LA-based emo and alt.rock troop Cheridomingo formed with the single goal of making music that gave them the same goosebumps that they got from listening to their favorite bands. Now they’re here to do the same for you!

Today we are premiering the new video and single for Cheridomingo’s song “Drugs” which you can check out below:

“It started off as a journal entry and form of therapy,” says lead singer Anthony Avina. “The words inspired the melodies and aggressive guitar chords, and from there it quickly took the shape you hear today.”

The video depicts a home invasion of some kind. Is it literal? Or are the men in ski masks just extensions of the band’s egos and phobias? It’s up to you to decide! Death of the author and such.

The track combines some fairly recognizable elements of early 2000s emo and post-hardcore, so Millennials should find it instantly appealing. But the fresh take on these tried and true sounds should catch the ear of Zoomers as well. There is really something here for every generation…. except for the greatest generation. I’m sorry to inform you that there is no big band swing here. Big band swing is not something Cheridomingo has the budget for at the moment.

“Drugs” is the first single released by the band since signing with indie label Honey Pit. Keep an eye out for future album release info and follow the band on Facebook here.


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