Video Premiere: Chiliocosm – ‘Fractals’

Calgary-based pop-punk group Chiliocosm are making waves in Canada and beyond, pushing forward and releasing the new single and video, “Fractals.”

The track is three minutes of euphoria and pop-punkadelic, sensory-filled excitement inspired by a life-changing LSD trip and exploring the idea that, when you stop looking for love, not only does it find you, it crumbles the walls you put up against it.

It is the newest single from their upcoming mixtape, (un)orthodox, and it is the sixth they’ve released this year, never letting fans go without new music for too long.

According to a quote from the band, “‘Fractals’ was the last song completed for the album. I wanted to explore a territory that was new to me, outside my comfort zone, and stood out from the rest of the album.

“Some of my favorite LP’s have one acoustic track. Well, instead, our album has one ‘really poppy’ track.  I’m usually pissed off and cynical about subjects in our music, but I met this girl who was breaking down my walls. Equally inspired by Tame Impala, Neck Deep, and Alice in Wonderland, I took a bong hit and went mad as the Hatter with the layers. The result was a euphoria-fueled explosion that lifted listeners up.”

The video has the band members swimming in 600 gallons of packing peanuts, 300 origami flowers (custom-made by the band and friends), and a cloud ceiling fitting for any influencer.

“Since the song was partially inspired by Alice in Wonderland, I knew the video had to have that energy. We had this idea to have an upside down bedroom, band members shrinking and growing in size, talking walls, painting white flowers red. Trippy stuff that a DIY-band like us with a limited budget and timeline couldn’t pull off. The day before the scheduled shoot, we realized we were in way over our heads; our plan wasn’t going to work, and we couldn’t do the ideas justice, so we went in a different direction.”

In came the packing peanuts, the origami, and cloudy ceiling, and the hustle that came with quickly producing props for the video they wanted to create.

“It was stressful prepping everything but our team was clutch. The result is a dreamy punk rock rollercoaster of a video that is even more meaningful, knowing what we went through to make it happen.”

The single and video also come with an accompanying lyric video, merch spread, and animated artwork wallpapers.

Watch the video for “Fractals” here:

For more from Chiliocosm, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

Photo courtesy of Chiliocosm

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