Michigan-based progressive metalcore band Collapse//Revive are premiering a new video and single with New Noise today. It’s called “Arid,” and it is off of their forthcoming-and-yet-unnamed, debut album. Check out the high-quality, single video below:

Collapse//Revive focus on positive lyrics that often speak to their faith and Christian values, drawing inspiration musically from metal acts as varied as For today, Polaris, Periphery, Sleeping Giant,  Mouth of the south, Time the Valuator, Memphis May Fire, and Sleep token.

On the new single, the band explained the lyrircal content as follows:

The lyrics and Storyline are about feeling the silence of God in a season of wilderness and demonic opposition. It’s about a  man’s pain in that season and his acknowledgment of his confusion but reinforces his faith that God is good. Though the evidence of what he can see seems as if God’s hand was removed from him however untrue this actually is. From confusion to full revelation and everything that follows, the path of a man that feels in a dry and “Arid” place.

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