We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Concrete’s new music video for their song “Perjurer” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s album No Dawn, available now through Fast Break! Records / Irish Voodoo Records. The music video was produced and directed by Jimi DeLine.

“We actually lost the original location that we were going to film this at and instead ended up filming in an antique auction house. The setting wasn’t the focus though and while its interesting, it isn’t necessary to the video and you don’t see much of it. Jimi Deline did a lot with a little in shooting this video for us.”

Concrete is the black horse of Upstate New York hardcore and has been going strong since 2010. Holding true to their roots while embracing modern hardcore and incorporating pieces of the genres they grew up on, they have gained a loyal following and have several tours in the works for 2017.

“When we asked people what their favorite tracks were off the new record, they kept telling us ‘Perjurer.’ It was surprising because while some of the tracks get huge responses live, we thought this one would be more for us. Turned out that people really liked it though and I think that’s because there are some different styles at work in the song to keep it interesting.”

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