Connor Byers just dropped a new single and video, “Sorry.” It is the first release from his upcoming album Magic Moments, set to release May 17.

After releasing his debut EP, Locked, in 2015, Byers has made a name for himself as a constantly evolving artist with crazy promotional tactics and a strong, worldwide fanbase.  In 2016, Byers released the single “Like Oh,” which became a sleeper college radio hit supporting his debut album.

Byers has changed and updated his style at every turn, and in 2018, he released a double single with two sit-down acoustic tracks. The title track, “Rocketship,s” has quickly risen to become his De facto song with over 250,000 plays on Spotify.  His new single, “Sorry,” is an acoustic-driven, sorry-not-sorry ballad with a Shawn Mendes type feel.

“In the past, I’ve worked with full, professional teams to create my music videos,” Byers said. “For my new album, I wanted to try something completely new.  I have such talented friends, and I wanted to put their skills together and create a music video from scratch.  I’m very happy the way things turned out.  This was my first time writing and directing a music video, and it was a great experience.  This allowed me to capture the song in the way a felt best represented it as the song’s author.”


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