Convey’s intense new video for “City of Skin and Bone” highlights the growing, and very topical, mass shootings crisis in the U.S. The song is out now on an album of the same name via Revival Recordings.


The video stars 14-year-old Merrick Hanna, former runner up on America’s Got Talent. Merrick choreographed the video himself. 

“This video draws from the central theme of isolation in the song and applies it to the epidemic of mass shootings that are escalating in this country,” the band explain. “We were lucky enough to partner with the ingenious Merrick Hanna to choreograph and star in this dance video, capturing the consequences of isolation in this environment. While we support common-sense gun laws, we wanted to focus on mental health as one of the root causes of this growing issue.

“To that end, we partnered with HeartSupport on this release to donate a portion of video proceeds and to help spread awareness for their cause. HeartSupport is a nonprofit, online community where anyone who is going through any kind of mental health crisis can anonymously start a conversation and ask for help. This organization is unique in offering a community to those who may not have any trusted outlet to talk about what they are dealing with.”

Purchase the album here. 


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