We have a real gift for you today! New Noise has the latest from Finnish death legends Convulse! The Scandinavian savages have dropped the killer single “The Summoning” earlier this year, and now they’re ready to eclipse the sky above your head with the title track from their forthcoming album, “Deathstar.” You can check out the lyric video for their single “Deathstar” below:

The title track is from Convulse’s new full-length, Deathstar, October 30th via Transcending Records.

Deathstar was recorded and mixed in analog at JJ-studio with Juuso Nordlund and has a super cool and creepy cover from Jan Yrlund, based on the painting Strangled by Minna Mead.

On the new album, guitarist and vocalist Rami Jämsä offered the following, “Deathstar will be an interesting experience for those who listen to music with an open mind. We’ve not forgotten our roots of old-school death metal, but for me, it’s very natural to evolve musically and write music free of any boundaries. You can perhaps hear some echoes from the Reflections album. We recorded Deathstar during the Summer/Fall of 2019 in the same twenty-four-track reel-to-reel analog studio with the same producer as the Evil Prevails album back in 2013 (JJ-studio/Juuso Nordlund). The sound of the album is timeless. It will be difficult to figure out which decade it has been written and recorded. We wrote and rehearsed the album material for almost three years.”

Preorder Deathstar here.


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