You are hereby ordered to cease and desist whatever you are doing this moment and smash play on the new video from NYC hardcore band Court Order below. This summons is served on you by authority of the Vice Magistrates of Hardcore, of the Supreme Court of New York. Failure to comply will result in your being held in contempt of court and a dispatch of a deputized crowd killers being summoned to locate and converge on your primary residence. You do not want that, especially not during a pandemic! Those boys will spit in just about every orifice you’ve got, after you’ve windmill kicked you into custody of course.

Honestly, there are worse sentences than having to watch a video for a baller hardcore track. And we made it easy for you, but including the video player below. See! We’re nice, actually!

Check out Court Order’s video for “Split Between A Dream And A Failure” below:

Filmed, edited, produced by Kurt Fowles & Eduardo Ruiz @ Sirius Cinema December 5th, 2020.

On their new song and video Court Order had the following to say:

“The song highlights the duality of emotions we experience during personal progress; once being self-validated and at our best, then suddenly low and deteriorated as opportunities close around us. Written and recorded in August 2020 as Earth shut down during the campaign for the band’s self-titled release, Court Order persisted to navigate the era by doing what they do best while promoting their latest EP; write absolutely brutal, passionate, and punishing songs about it and focus on what they can control.” 

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