Cryogeyser have made dreamy, dark music dealing with themes of truth and transcendence since early 2018, and now, the three-piece L.A. rock band are gearing up for their new album, timetetheredtogether, premiering their new single “Sonic Peace,” along with a music video.

The video was directed by Cryogeyser’s own Shawn Marom; shot by Meghan Heim;  and edited by Meghan Heim, Will Kraus, and Shawn Marom.

Marom talks more about the writing process for “Sonic Peace,” saying it was, “… My first conscious experiment with referencing something outside my own feeling, or experience in Cryogeyser. In early 2019, I was completely moved by a book of poems by the Japanese poet Minashita Kiriu called ‘Sonic Peace.’

“It starts out, ‘Beneath the sun, My interchangeable routines, Are formed from superfluous things, Managing this place is A metal will.’ The writer points toward the problematic nature of language—its inability to truly convert meaning. Not like nature, no. I was coming out of a long period of grief, of unraveling, much like nature. It felt like a part of me had decomposed.”

Marom says this got them thinking about matter itself, what is tangible in our lives, and what is not.

timetetheredtogether will be released in October, but you can watch the music video for “Sonic Peace” right now:

For more from Cryogeyser, find them on Instagram and Facebook. Photo courtesy of Cryogeyser.

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