Danny Goo is a rising star amidst a new generation of artists who transcend genre. His charming vocals blend plain spoken emotional vulnerability with intimate minimalist R&B indie pop.

There’s something both otherworldly and immediately relatable about the atmosphere the Dallas, Texas native conjures. A sprinkling of jangly shoegazing guitars might drip over breezy lo-fi laptop beats. Choruses soar or beguile at a more enchanting pace. Danny wears his heart on his sleeve in every song, assembling a sonic diary across songs like “Still Dreaming,” “Falling,” and “6 AM.”

When Central Track chose “Purple” as their Song Of The Day, they found Danny’s music“possesses the earmarks of alternative R&B while embodying a nexus of emo, cloud rap, and dream pop,” making special note of his mix of pop-punk delivery and vintage R&B melodies.

Danny’s debut EP for Atoned Music is a six-song confessional detailing the rise and fall of a romantic relationship. Produced by longtime collaborator JoJo Centineo, Feel For Youis a dreamy mishmash of classic pop-rock and neo-soul destined for year-end lists, club sets, and radio alike. “Bad Company,” “Blue,” “Better Off” and the rest of the tracks serve as a musical catharsis for Danny, with universal sentiments that will ring familiar to anyone who has ever felt heartache.

Listeners who have discovered Danny via SoundCloud, Emo Nite, festivals and on bills with Emotional Xan, Boyfriendz, and Sleye are the same dedicated listeners drawn to artists like gnash, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, and Lil Lotus, who guests on theFeel For Youtrack “So In Love.”

Danny would look at home at Height Ashbury in the sixties, in Seattle in the nineties, orManchester at the peak of the Stone Roses, and his personal Spotify mixes blend Mac Miller, BROCKHAMPTON, and twenty one pilots. From a very young age, Danny immersed himself in the sights and sounds of different musical communities, falling in love with music festivals where the diverse and eclectic lineups are united by honesty and authenticity. The energy and hooks of Warped Tour acts like All American Rejects, the passionate delivery of pop-punk revivalists TheStory So Far, and the confessional balladry of Frank Ocean all have a place in Danny’s music

Seamlessly blending seemingly disparate genres into a smooth, intimate, and broad reaching sound that’s as vibrant and dynamic as it is unique, Danny Goo is on a mission to spread peace, love and positivity. It’s a mission as old as time itself, broadcast through a fresh but timeless lens.

Check out our premiere of Danny Goo’s Acoustic Session for New Noise below:

On his new acoustic set for us, Danny Goo had the following to say:

“This made for a pretty fun acoustic show. We shot this on our back porch at our new house in LA and it was just a really great moment to catch on camera. We hope you enjoy this intimate session and be on the lookout for more content as always!”

Photo courtesy of Danny Goo.

Get a copy of Danny’s latest album Feel For You here.

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