We are pleased to bring “Annihilation,” the newest music video from DEDSA. Woven into this unique animation style is a story, oddly peaceful and brought to such imaginative life by the stellar musicianship across “Annihilation.” The song’s opening brings plenty of anticipation for the introduction of the vocals, gliding over the tranquil atmosphere with ease. The circling instruments layer themselves into a fantastic piece of orchestration. The song is off of Salmon Velocity and will be released March 3rd, 2017.

The story of the “Annihilation” video is fairly straightforward, though you can fill in the blanks and decide on the motivations of the characters for yourself. A group of medieval sorcerer-musicians travel through a foggy, desolate landscape and arrive at a decrepit walled city. They observe several scenes of filth and debauchery before performing a dark rite in the church cemetery which spreads a curse through the town. Livestock and fruit wither and die, while the gargoyles and stained glass in the church ooze black fluid. The musicians are condemned to death, which they accept calmly. After death, they are ferried through the many levels of Hell, finally arriving at a specially prepared ceremonial site, presided over by an infernal priest. At the last moment, they drive away the horde of demons with a blast of their own brand of dark magic. Satan himself, furious, finally intervenes, pulling the musicians through to the bottommost, frozen level of Hell where he presides. Prostrate in the palm of his hand, the band endures several grotesque and humiliating transfigurations before consuming everything around them and returning to their true forms, forever frozen on a lone pinnacle of rock surrounded by golden instruments.

As if that wasn’t enough, DEDSA had this to say about their piece of art, “The song ‘Annihilation’ provided an interesting opportunity to create a music video. The arrangement takes its time and isn’t necessarily single material, so it allowed us to explore themes in great detail with a cinematic feel. The artwork draws heavily from ancient tapestries and medieval frescoes.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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