Like an open wound, Dehiscent oozes into listeners’ ears and consciousness, demanding a reckoning for time lost below ground. It’s high-energy. doom-infused punk and metal crossover mania that is straightforward and hits you right in the face.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Loan Shark,” one of the tracks to be featured on the band’s upcoming debut EP by way of a split vinyl release through Blackhouse Records.

Germinating deep in the loam and rotten soil of the Seattle, WA environs’ undergrowth, Dehiscent burst forth with rage, willing themselves into existence, in ways that only those who have pushed through the murky depths can.

Directed by veteran video director Jason Frost (Capitalist Casualties, The Accused AD, Scatterbox), the short-film-esque story fits the track title, visually telling the tale of a deadbeat (played by Scott Rozell from Sterileprayer and Scatterbox) dodging his debts. He doesn’t make it far before the crew (Tyler Lion and Jay Rosen) comes to collect, turning it into a scene of chaos, full of car chases, baseball bats, bricks, and a big dose of karma for trying to skip out on the loan shark.

Filmed entirely in Spokane, Washington, the video also includes a cameo by Northwest punk rock legend Jon Swanstrom (The Flies, Yokohama Hooks, Vampire Lezbos).

When asked about how the song and video came to be, guitarist and vocalist John Tomes keeps it short, sweet and reveals that it is (for the most part) based on a true story:

“I wrote ‘Loan Shark’ after someone stole my car and ditched it a block away. They took my tools, so I figured they used it to pay for something or someone.”

Check out Blackhouse Records here.

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