Milwaukee-based garage rockers Devils Teeth are back with their first full-length release since 2018. Looking to reach beyond their surf/garage/punk roots with a new album, La leggenda di Chong Li, out April 2 via Triple Eye Industries, Devils Teeth infuse elements of exotica, post-punk, as well as cinematic scores from Hong Kong and the Spaghetti West.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere the music video for the album’s lead single, “Ride Of The Devils Teeth” below:

On the release of the single, Devils Teeth state:

“‘Ride of the Devils Teeth’ is one of those rare songs for us that took a LONG time to write. We went through a few iterations over the course of many months, but once it clicked it immediately fit into the Chong Li world that we were envisioning. The galloping drums immediately conjured images of a gang of thieves on horseback riding through the desert in the moonlight.

The video that was produced follows along with that thought of galloping horses.  Having loosely talked about a Chong Li storyline for the album, this video represents ‘Chong’ as an unstoppable force of violent intensity and punches to the face. Overall, we wanted to convey a fun, hallucinogenic series of images that invoke the likes of the old west, feudal japan, post-apocalyptic hellscapes, and mythological monsters.

Huge thanks go to the Brian Ellis for the insanely detailed artwork he provided, as well as Justin Propp for being the DP of our live shoot and additional cool design work.”

Devils Teeth are Jonny Glissando (guitar/vocals), Erico Bello (Bass/vocals), Chazz Bolognese (Drums/Percussion), and Il Snaggletoots (Sax).

Pre-order and stream La leggenda di Chong Li on Bandcamp here.

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