San Diego indie rock band Dewey Defeats Truman are sharing their new video, “Shots Taken,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

The too-short-lived, early-2000s trio ended their 15-year hiatus in 2018, starting with anniversary shows for alternative San Diego station 91X and local nightspot The Casbah. From there, they just kept going. Drummer Scott Frazier explains that they began messing around with new ideas and, from there, were “cranking out tons of great tunes.” After completing a handful of them, they recorded demos in anticipation of releasing new material. And that’s exactly what happened next.

Dewey Defeats Truman have now shared their comeback EP, The Way You Shatter. The album was released digitally late last year, earning a Best Rock Album nomination at the 2022 San Diego Music Awards and met with acclaim.

The EP is powerful and hard-hitting, blending classic indie-rock sounds with gritty punk, post-punk, and the harder elements of shoegaze. The band agree that they are actually doing their best work now.  Guitarist Mark MacBride calls the newer tracks more “refined,” adding that they can “probably singer better” and that they have different perspectives now that they’re a bit older.

The band expand on the new EP:

“For the uninitiated, San Diego’s long-retired Dewey Defeats Truman came blasting back into our earholes with new music in 2021, and wow, are we better for it. The Way You Shatter, released digitally last year and available on CD and very limited, hand-screened vinyl on June 1, brought the glory days of indie rock screaming back in an instant, with gritty and pure rawk gems like ‘Slow Reaction’ and ‘Less Than One.'”

Watch the video for “Shots Taken” here:

For more from Dewey Defeats Truman, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Dewey Defeats Truman


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