Disillusion’s new video for “Time To Let Go” is the latest single off their latest record, The Liberation, on Prophecy Records. Check it out!

While Disillusion’s Back To Times Of Splendor was an instant classic of progressive melodic death upon its release in 2004, the group from Leipzig, Germany pushed the envelope even further two years later with the rigorously innovative Gloria. Yet, it’s fair to say that the most glorious years for the band are yet to come.

Disillusionin 2019 resembles the storm you feel brewing over an epic such as “Wintertide,” the straight-in-your-face stunner ‘The Great Unknown,” or the unexpectedly catchy and hook-line-laden “Time To Let Go,” which—quite naturally—turned out to be exactly what fans have been craving for
so long.

Snag the album here. 


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