Drugs are stoked to announce their new album, Episodic, out August 7 via Park The Van. Check out the video for “Try Me” here.

The track propels listeners into the sky and drops them on their ass with manic, fast rhythms and vengeful lyrics. A song about hating someone, the darkly comedic video emphasizes just how strongly the word “hate” can be taken if meant seriously.

In a sea of gentle singer-songwriters and derivative rock, Drugs are a rollicking, safe haven. Side effects may include getting stoked. The band’s debut collection, Episodic, was written and self-recorded in Long Beach, CA in 2018 by Joel Jasper (guitar, vocals) and J.P. Bendzinski (guitar, keys) joined by Vince Guitierrez (guitar/bass), Alan Connor (drums), and former bandmate Zach Mabry (drums), the forthcoming LP is an unruly and jagged musical terrain that casts aside traditional linear songwriting form in favor of a more abstract, stream-of-consciousness style.

Anger, uncertainty, reconciliation, wonder, and anxiety are all wrapped up together. Despite their spontaneity and free-wheelin’, creative process, there’s one thing Drugs know for certain, says Jasper, the band’s main lyricist and songwriter, “I want to freak people out.” 

Stream the single here. 


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