We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Earl Grey‘s new music video for their track “Haven.” The song is taken from the band’s latest EP Passing Time, out now through KROD Records/Acuity.Music.

The band comments on the video:

“This video shows some footage of our first European tour alongside Yeah Detroit this Summer. Our friend Brad who was on tour with the guys in Yeah Detroit shot some footage and put together this music video. As this has been our very first tour, the video is something special for us. We had so much fun and made a lot of great friends and we hope that because of the video people will get an image of how tour was for us. The live shots are from Lüdenscheid and Wrexham. Those were some of the wildest shows we’ve ever played and we’ll remember them forever.”

Purchase the Passing Time EP here: PhysicaliTunes

Earl Grey‘s Passing Time is their second EP of the year, and it sees the band more on confident form: “The new release is definitely more powerful than the first one,” opines Lukas, “I feel like the songs have more passion and energy. Every step we took, every decision we made has been talked over a lot. Our policy in the band is not to do anything if not everyone’s completely satisfied with that decision.” Eager to keep up the momentum between releases, the band comments that “There was just 6 months in between recording the two releases so we obviously didn’t reinvent the wheel with this one, but we all think that this EP is a big step forward. The songs deliver more passion, honesty and energy, and that’s exactly what we were looking for; I think that we finally found our sound we want to represent the band.”

You can also read the band’s track-by-track for the Passing Time EP here, as well as the meaning behind the album artwork here.

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