Early Work’s fun, spunky new single “The Everyday” is out now from their new record, Impartial In Part, coming out in 2020.

“We like to drink responsibly and get a good night’s rest,” the band says “We are not your typical sad boys; we are ‘glad boy pop punk.’ But, on a more serious note, Early Work are committed to making thoughtful, melody-dense, pop-punk bangers. This single is their first of many. EP coming this spring.”

The spark for Early Work first ignited when vocalist/guitarist Easton Doran responded to an ad placed by lead guitarist Kurtis Janot on a local, classifieds site. They met up at Kurtis’s parents’ house, where they now have a full rehearsal set-up in one half of the two-car garage. They grinded through many lineup changes and played several cover sets at dive bars around town.

With some help from other musicians, Kurtis and Easton churned out a homemade EP. As Capital News eloquently illustrates, they “[strung] up mattresses, an air mattress, several foam mattress toppers and a duvet” to baffle noise from drums and cut out string sounds on guitar tracks. Eventually, drummer Mitchel Corbach joined the band, coming from a prog/metal background.

Before they set off on their first mini-tour to Vancouver, bassist Cole Chilton stepped in last-minute, learned the set, and completed the quatro of goofs that is now Early Work. When they’re not playing music, they’re probably working their dailies, hiking with their doggos, or together telling immature, racy jokes around a bonfire. Early Work continue avidly to pioneer Glad Boy Pop Punk and create their unique brand of BC Punk Songs.

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Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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