We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Emmer Effer’s new music video for their song “Pacifica” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s The People Are the Answer EP, which is available on limited 7″ vinyl through Felony Records.

The band comments on the song & video:

“The video came together as the result of walking through the smokey trees of Los Angeles, as you can probably tell, but the song itself is based on a more serious issue of the necessity for alternative news outlets, such as the Pacifica Radio Network, which is where the song found its inspiration. Especially today when all of the major networks and cable news outlets are pumping the same stories to focus our attention where they want our attention focused, we need to seek out these alternative news outlets to help us wade through the ocean of bullshit sent our way on a daily basis.”

Upcoming Shows:
September 9 for a Kickstarter benefit show at Loaded in Hollywood, California.
September 24 with Implants, Aggro Mucho, Sidekick, and Who’s Left? in Simi Valley, California at Chop Shop

You can stream the band’s The People Are the Answer EP in full below.


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