Video Premiere: Ether Feather – ‘Electric Deity’

Ether Feather are the brainchild of L.A.-by-way-of-Chicago drummer Dylan Ryan. Floating like a lead balloon in Ether Feather’s inverse universe is the meeting point between Danzig, King Crimson, and Kyuss.

Watch the video for the trio’s latest single ,“Electric Deity,” below:

Known individually for their work on The Late Late Show, Lydia Lunch, and Man Man, There Is No Zero, available January 20, is Ether Feather’s debut EP release with new singer/bassist, Sylvia Black.

Black’s voice has brought a new direction to the band’s aesthetic, coupling surreal lyrical inspiration from writers like William S. Burrows and Jorge Luis Borges with a sound that has been described as “if ‘90s Slayer was psychedelic.”

Tours over the last several years with Minus The Bear and Cursive helped tighten their sound, earning comparisons to Danzig and High On Fire, and fueling the outfit’s most cohesive release to date. With catchier melodies and more concise arrangements than ever before, There Is No Zero offers a refreshing take on heavy music with clear nods to familiar benchmarks within the genre.

Preorder There Is No Zero here.

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