Take a trip and get a little messy with Bay-area-based psychedelic rockers Everyone is Dirty and their new video “Paper Cutout,” which we are premiering for your viewing pleasure today! Their kaleidoscopic freakout of a video can be viewed below.

Personally, I’m glad I stopped doing drugs before watching that video. It might have been a little overwhelming otherwise.

The video, if you couldn’t tell, is anchored by footage of one of the band’s performances (pre-COVID) and relies on, as the band say, “multiple layers of glitch analog circuit bent video, with processors and a French video encryptor” to achieve its effects.

“Paper Cutout” is the first single from Everyone is Dirty’s forthcoming album eine kleine jukebox baby, which started out as a tribute to one of the band member’s grandfathers who survived the holocaust, but the project took a different direction following the onset of the pandemic.

The album, which is scheduled to drop on October 30, is warned to sound like a prophecy of World War III. The first cut we get to hear today doesn’t sound too heavy or frightening, but I imagine that there will be more singles to come, and that they will likely get darker as they roll out. If they keep things on the lighter side, though, I won’t be complaining.

Finally, for those of you who like to know the meaning behind songs, the band have provided the following explanation of “Paper Cutout.” Enjoy!

“Paper Cutout is about escaping through everyday objects into a magical world of fantasy and euphoria. I go from contemplating my edges on a mattress to becoming a hummingbird flying around the world. At 3:46, the dream gets jolted into a new reality. Evil, stark, scary vortex. The troops come marching in. The fantasy explodes, and we are left with this evil fear demon world. Dark days. We are living through some dark days.”

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