Video Premiere: Fast Eddy – ‘Take A Look’

Denver’s Fast Eddy are sharing their new single and video, “Take A Look,” the title track from their upcoming LP due January 2022.

The band—Micah Morris on guitar and lead vocals, Devon Francy on bass, Arj Narayan on drums, and Lisandro Gutierrez on guitar—formed in 2014, from members of other notable Denver bands like Dirty Few and Itchy O, the vision starting as a sort of late-night ramble, initially a side project without much of a direction. The band named the project after their old drug dealer and wrote songs about the heartache and challenges that  come with pursuing music.

Though, as time passed, each band member started to bring their own, unique pieces to the table and writing genuine, anthemic power pop and rock ‘n’ roll.

They’ve since sold their belongings and moved forward with the endeavor, making one bold leap after another, though that sacrifice hasn’t come in vain; they’ve come too far to turn back now.

Watch the video for “Take A Look” here:

For more from Fast Eddy, find them on Instagram, Bandcamp, and their official website.

Preorder the album here. 

Photo courtesy of David Sands

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