Video Premiere: Felicity – ‘Lonely Nights’

Felicity began, like many acts in the internet age, as a Craigslist connection, with vocalist Damien Fagiolino and guitarist Andrew Rapier bonding over their love of post-hardcore firestarters Finch. For years, Fagiolino had been a staple in the Orlando cover band scene, paying tribute to acts from the ’90s and early 2000s, but deep down, the singer had a strong pull for something more.

On their debut full-length, Dear Universe, out July 16 through Adventure Cat Records, Felicity take those skills and sharpen them even more, kicking down the guardrails to expand their sound further than many bands in their scene are willing to venture.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Lonely Nights” below:

Together with his bandmates (Rapier, guitarist Cory Nicholas, bassist Michael Alosa and drummer Tyler Dennett), Fagiolino and Felicity are well on their way to carving out their own world. Their deliriously dextrous sound spans genres–often in the same song–as the group shapeshift from hard-charged, detuned metal to ebullient pop-punk.

Recorded over a 30-day span with genre super-producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Wage War), the Adventure Cat Records-released Dear Universe follows a trio of EPs–2019’s Old Habits, 2016’s Brace Yourself!, and 2015’s Felicity–and finds the band fearlessly experimenting with new sounds and structures that divert from their past to chart their future.

The result is a group who sound as confident unleashing caustic, swerving breakdowns (“Hit And Run,” which recounts a harrowing, near-fatal traffic accident the band were involved in) as they do baring their unabashed pop tendencies (the buoyant, training montage-ready “You Got This”) and unfolding more ethereal soundscapes (the synth-heavy, bubbling “Highs And Lows”).

On the track’s release and its accompanying video, the band state:

“Most people would probably hear this and think it’s about a bad breakup or something, but you couldn’t be anymore … right. In a deeper sense, ‘Lonely Nights’ is really about the separation between you and friends or a relationship because of selfish actions and arrogance, and eventually realizing it wasn’t them who caused the drift, but rather the actions we ourselves willingly chose to make.

“We didn’t want to have the typical “boy loses girl, boy tries to win girl back” type of storyline for this, so we thought of using the band relationship as the focal point of the story. In the beginning, it shows Damien as this big, hot shot salesman who appears to have everything going for him, but you soon see that he isn’t as happy as he portrays.

“Through flashbacks, Damien is shown playing with his band from earlier days, and it becomes apparent that he chose a desk job and status over pursuing his dreams, which resulted in him falling out with the closest people to him. We just wanted the story to feel as personal for all five of us as it could be.”

Presave Dear Universe here.

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