Video Premiere: Felt & Fur – ‘We Were Two’

Felt & Fur just released a new deep, dark, and danceable track, “We Were Two.” Check out the video below!

“Our writing style is organic and yields pieces that beg to be deciphered,” the band says. “‘We Were Two’ is a song about impending separation and the acceptance of destiny as myth. We blend screaming and swirling synths together to culminate a world we can only describe as ‘genre-less.'”

North Texas synth-pop trio Felt & Fur produce dark, danceable energy with eurythmic charge. They are the perfect symbiosis of chaos and ritual. Alizsha Pennington’s pleading vocals and dramatic guitar riffs create a solemn counter to the pulsing keyboard melodies, pounding percussion, and warm, analogue synths of Randall Minick and Jarrod Estes.

Felt & Fur’s sophomore album Held made its debut release on Triptych Records in November of 2018. Driven by organic, spacious keyboards, reverb-laden static, and hissing drones that grow to literally charge the air, Held features hypnotic, driving rhythms, spatial chord progressions, and deep, repetitive, trance-inducing scapes of sound. Layered with rich tones, dynamic volume, and enormous emotional range, Pennington’s agonizing and dramatic vocals guide listeners through the labyrinth of penetrating, enduring synth pulsations generated by Minick and Estes.

Purchase the album here. 

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  1. I love this band and their music. OK, I’m one of the Mom’s and so very proud. Thank you Addison Herron-Wheeler for this marvelous article. You are the best. Keep up with the band as they make their mark. Thank you, Lottie

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