Get chilled by the new Fiore single, “Winter,” out February 20.

The band says, “Winter is about two close friends of Zach’s (guitarist/vocalist). The passing of one friend leaves the other to wonder ‘Where did you go and why?’ The whole song is pretty much written around those questions. We dolled up the music as a reflection of the spirit of our friend who passed and garnished it with lyrics that match the harsh reality. ‘Winter’ is about never letting go of hope. Knowing that life keeps being life even after death has played its role.

“In the video, the ghosts are there to represent the two friends and give it a little less than real-life feel. As the video plays out, you can see the two together, drifting apart, lost and then found again to symbolize that death didn’t really take a friend. The memories are powerful enough to save the joy in their hearts. ‘Winter’ was filmed at Snoqualmie Pass and Steilacoom, Washington by Jake Gravbrot in the winter of 2020.”

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