Floral’s new, instrumental album This Year is out February 15 on their self-released album. Check out the new video with us.

“‘This Year’ was the last song we wrote for the Floral LP,” the band explain. “During the writing of the Floral LP, we had to completely revamp our writing process. While writing our first two EPs, the two of us lived together and could regularly jam out ideas and quickly write songs. Having moved across the country from each other, this was no longer an option.

“Writing songs without being isn the same room seemed like an impossible task, but we were able to power through and create a workflow that ultimately lead to better ideas and showed us that we could make this band work no matter where we are. ‘This Year’ is the track that most represents this development.”

Floral are a two-piece, instrumental band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their music is often categorized as “math-rock” due to their usage of irregular rhythms and time signatures. Despite this apparent technical edge, guitarist Nate Sherman and drummer Ty Mayer put songwriting at the forefront of their act.

This lends itself to a very pleasant yet rewarding listening experience, as the duo toys with musical cliches that create a compelling landscape between comfortable familiarity and unexplored sonic territory. This February, the duo will release their highly anticipated, self-titled album, their first in five years.

“After the Second Floral EP (2015), we struggled with creating new material, as we had moved across the country from each other,” the band adds. “Having lived together and written all of our previous material in the same room, It was a very slow and organic process of learning how to write and continuing to developing this project given the distance. It wasn’t until the end of writing the Floral LP that we were fully comfortable with that process. ‘This Year’ is the last song we wrote for the Floral LP. ”

Tour Dates
Feb 15 El Paso, TX Love Buzz
Feb 16 McAllen, TX, Yerbia Cultura
Feb 18 San Antonio, TX, Limelight
Feb 19 Austin, TX, Chups
Feb 20 Houston, TX, Secret Group
Feb 21 Dallas, TX, Rubber Gloves
Feb 22 Amarillo, TX, Golden Light
Feb 23 Denver, CO 7th Circle
Feb 25 Phoenix, AZ, Sun Room
Feb 28 LA, CA, The Smell
March 6 SF, CA, Bottom of the Hill (Record Release)

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Video Credits:
Nate Shrager using EBsynth

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