New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the lyric video for the song “Vegetable Juice” by Flour Flour. Flour Flour is made up of lifelong friends Brian Baughn(guitar/vocals) and Phil Wright (drums/synth). “Vegetable Juice” is a track that has plenty of whimsical atmosphere, providing an energy that allows for people to get lost in its poppy soundscape. The guitars dive through plenty of high end licks, embedding the tone with bright textures.

“I was riding the bus one night on one of my first visits to San Francisco, looking around feeling lost in all the tech industry stuff and with a lot of questions about where all this progress is supposedly going– that need to keep moving forward. What are people trying to accomplish? No one can say exactly. I wrote the song alone in my friends’ apartment later that night. It’s a little bit of hollow laugh about it all but a laugh all the same. I’ve been fascinated ever since and eventually moved to SF.

This lyric video is one made to get you lost. While lyrics drip down the screen our protagonist, a desperate tomato, searches among anonymous buildings in a never-ending city for who-knows-what, getting faster and ever more panicked until it explodes into vegetable juice.” [Brian Baughn]



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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