Video Premiere: Forest Bees – ‘Subverter of Geography ‘

Forest Bees’ “Subverter of Geography” is out June 12 on their forthcoming, self-titled album. Check out the video here.

“For the ‘Subverter of Geography’ video, I wanted to create an enchanted world to escape in and play with the ideas of magical realism, blending the real world and art,” says Forest Bees, aka Sheetal Singh. “I used elements from a painting by Bay Area artist and friend Kelly Correll. Kelly and I met soon after I moved back to the Bay Area after living in London. I had a 2-year old son, and her boy was 1. She put a listing online looking for other mother artists and musicians to meet and hang out with.

“We had both been in other ‘mother’s groups’ but could never really relate to the other women we were supposed to bond with (investment bankers and real estate agents who happened to have babies at the same time as us?) I drifted away from most of my musician friends when I had kids; our lifestyles just became incompatible. But I was so grateful to Kelly for that connection and the reminder that being a mother doesn’t have to mean giving up creativity and art. This video is a celebration of that connection.”

Preorder the album here. 

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