Forest Ray’s “Honesty,” out this summer via Forest Ray Records on their Black Pine album, brings back the smokey bar atmosphere we’re all craving right now. 


“Honesty” is the first video single from Forest Ray’s fourth studio album, Black Pine. The video takes place in a smokey and dimly lit restaurant and bar after a lonely bar regular stumbles in for a drink. The bar is filled with unenthusiastic patrons either disinterested with the event or too consumed with themselves to pay any attention to the bar band on the seemingly delicate night. 
The song’s mid-tempo drive takes you on a nonchalant stroll through the video that starts to unfurl into a more chaotic and distorted scene as the patrons grow progressively drunker and more raucous. The music fills out and seemingly takes the bar crowd into a progressive state of delirium. 
Taking some jabs at satirical, rock ‘n’ roll tropes and also playing to the psychedelic folk rock aesthetic reminiscent of The Byrds’, we see some bottles start to crash and some fists start to fly, all surrounded by hazy steel guitar, reverb drenched vocals, and lush flute accents. Sonically, the chime of the 12-string electric-guitar complements the jangle pop influences of the 1960s that eventually crescendo into an epic freak-out filled with harmonicas and bending guitars masked in a surreal wash of tape delays, something of a signature for the group.
“Honesty” marks one of the more cohesive expressions of the group’s eclectic influences, showcasing a lush instrumentation that highlights the early era of psychedelia while simultaneously channeling their innate drive and garage rock/punk roots. Forest Ray’s Honesty, while being a product of turmoil and joy, manages to simultaneously uproots these feelings in the same smokey room, bottle in hand. 
Most of the actors are members of the Seattle music community affiliated with the Forest Ray Records label. It was filmed on location at Wong’s Kitchen and Bar in Seattle, WA on Super 8 film, complementing Forest Ray’s entirely analog music production process and featuring members of Control Test, Smoker Dad, VllY, Myrrum and Wrestler, also based in the Seattle area.

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