We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of ForeverAtLast‘s new music video for their track “Bad Blood.” The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album Ghosts Again, to be released through Victory Records.

“‘Bad Blood’ is a song with two sides, one is that you can be hurt when there are changes in friendships and life. Whether it’s someone hurting you physical, verbally or socially, it’s agonizing,” explains drummer Jared Paris.  “On the opposite, the song can reflect the point of view of the one doing the hurting.  Me personally, I’ve been guilty of this at times and it has eaten at me. I’ve been the aggressor in painful relationships when I shouldn’t have.”

On the video, he continues, “When the windows smash, it’s a combination of both viewpoints – being serene and intact, to becoming something shattered, or you can be the one causing the destruction.”

“As for the instruments, that’s an extension of our personalities. They empower us, so it made sense to use them to smash through these issues that exist in the world.”

Pre-order Ghosts Again here.


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