Video Premiere: Forks – “Sunday Sunshine”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Forks‘ new music video for their song “Sunday Sunshine” (watch below). The track is taken from the band’s  sophomore album, a double LP scheduled to release digitally on March 18th and physically on April 15th.

“Sunday Sunshine” is a song about fighting the blues of the last day of the week in a small city. Therefore, it relies to a new tradition born in the hometown of the band Forks, Vevey, Switzerland. One gloomy Sunday afternoon, a group of artists and bohemians literally occupied a bar after a gallery opening.

They were more than 20 people getting drunk as monkeys, ordering as much beer and liquor as possible, making the rest of the customers run away and pissing off the kind-as-smart bartender, one of their friends. The leader of the artists collective made a great speech about the beautiful sunshine that day, while he was standing on a table. Everybody cheered: “Sunday Sunshine!”

Subsequently, the artists and bohemians started to behave as Gremlins within the bar. They were wild and ended up the night at an after-party in a shared flat. They had so much pot bowls and alcohol and god knows what else. One of the guys woke up in the living room, surrounded by cigarette ends and LPs, not knowing where he was or how he’d got there. It was Monday, eleven AM. No one was there, so he played an old Nico solo album he’d found among the roommates great record collection.

Following this episode, Sunday Sunshine became a legendary habit in Vevey. Friends that were getting depressed because of the abuses and excesses of the weekend nights got together so as to share a beer and a smoke. Everyone was happy again after that. They used to make many toasts shouting: “Sunday Sunshine!”

So, this Forks’ song is a beautiful one about the mesmerizing power of friendship, and how sharing feelings, emotions and stories can be a medicine soul. Well, sharing a ciggie and a drink wouldn’t hurt, either.

Patrick Conus made the video clip for this instantaneous hit single. He is the guy who does the fantastic and psychedelic live projections for the band. This time, Conus subverted a 1949 classic movie that was against marijuana. The treatment the artist gave to it is breath taking and close to pop art (Lichtenstein, Warhol paintings).

Visual drones and noise pervert the image, and it looks like getting high is actually pretty cool for the characters portrayed within the film. The results are somehow close to the dreamlike quality of Peter Tscherkassky interventions, though the latter does it in an analogue way, and Conus uses interactive technology between sound and vision.

Following the release of their self-titled debut album in May 2014, the Swiss band Forks has announced the release of their sophomore album, a double LP scheduled to release digitally on March 18th and physically almost a month later on April 15th.

The new record features 5 long songs that go deeper and deeper. It was recorded at Studio Relief in Belvaux, by the careful ears and hands of veteran sound magician Bertrand Siffert (The Young Gods’ live engineer).

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