“Strange Things”—a living memoir to the f*ckery of 2020 from collaborators—Weerd Science, Mirk, Camtron 5000, and John, the Astronaut, will be released November 20.

The ominous new track features rapper Weerd Science (more commonly known as Josh Eppard, the long time drummer for alt-rock supergroup COHEED AND CAMBRIA) dropping rich rhymes with intoxicating lyrical cadences shrouded in ominous tones. Next up is Mirk, veteran in the world of hip hop and two time RIAA certified gold producer.

Music fans know Mirk as the lead singer/rapper of the eponymous alternative funk/RnB band and more recently as founder of hot new hip-hop collective FOSTER HOUSE. John, the Astronaut, the songbird of atmospheric indie rock group STELLAR YOUNG, steps out of his lead singer role to lend his artful pen and haunting timbre to the track’s chorus and pre-chorus. New age rapper Camtron 5000—founding member of FOSTER HOUSE and possible alien life form—rounds out the roster with fast-paced wordplay and lyrics rich with pop-culture nostalgia.

Exposing eerie parallels between the angst-driven monster drama Stranger Things and this year of fright; the gripping new single pays artistic homage to the binge-worthy Netflix hit as the four wordsmiths draw on the threat of the “upside down” to spin metaphors meant to make sense of the year that never ends.

Unsettling and expertly crafted; the sonic collusion of clever references to classic horror movies, political agendas, comic books, social media influence, and the uncertainty of our collective future brought on by a global pandemic makes “Strange Things” the unofficial theme song of 2020.

Check out New Noise‘s premiere of the new song “Strange Things” below:

Hear what the folks who brought you this fantastic new video had to say about it below:

“The state of the world around us always looms large when crafting my lyrics. How could it not? As 2020 has been the most odd and uniquely terrifying year of my life, it was only natural to embody some of those themes in my small part of Strange Things. When John and Mirk showed me the chorus I got it immediately. Lightly borrowing an energy from a show we all love to coincide with these unforgettable times… Strange Things indeed.” -Weerd Science 

“The song was originally just an idea that John brought to a session for Cam with a great hook and the start of a beat. We all brainstormed on a concept and once we settled on it, I started kicking out ideas for metaphors linking our current way of life to horror movies and monsters for Cam to possibly use.  Next thing I knew I had written a verse and text it to Cam, like don’t use any of these lines, I’m getting in this one.” -Mirk

“I’ve had the melody line for Strange Things in my head and sitting in my voice memo for years. Cam Mirk and I were collaborating on a different track, and while on breaks we were talking about everything going on in the world in 2020. When I got home it kind of hit me how to use the melody, that the hook has this kind of haunting quality. As a big fan of stranger things I thought it would be a fun way to approach a commentary on the world right now. To write a song about the ominous and supernatural and have it be allegory for our current world. The fun of a sci-fi/horror abstraction while digging up deeper truth in the process.” -John, the Astronaut 

“It feels flattering to be honest because I’m just starting out and I get to be on a song with these three other guys who are, in my opinion, extremely talented musicians. As for me, I’m just a rapper who is still building and growing, so it’s an amazing feeling to be considered good enough to be in the same ranks with these musicians.  Also, in terms of the bigger picture, namely 2020, doing this project is just a huge silver lining to the claustrophobic gray cloud that has been this past year. I view this experience as a stepping stone to lead me to bigger and better things, hopefully more projects with the same guys.” -Camtron 5000

Video Credits:
Directed by Wesley “Fuzzy” Ingraham & John Glenn
Director of Photography & Edited by John Glenn
Producer – Wesley “Fuzzy” Ingraham

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MIRK: https://www.facebook.com/MIRKMUSIC


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