New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive music video premiere of “Circling” by A Fragile Tomorrow. The track comes off the upcoming record, Generation Loss.

“I was listening to the Next Day record from David Bowie and there was a song on there with a really fast paced groove that almost had elements of dance and electronica. It kind of clicked that we should take this in a similar direction, so we did and that’s when the rest of the song happened.

Lyrically, I wrote the song two weeks after my mother died. I’d just come home to Savannah after staying with dad, and decided to go into the studio and just see what happened. I obviously couldn’t stop thinking about her death, so the lyric deals prominently with the idea of the end being near but not being able to let go 100% yet.” – Sean Kelly

With their new album, Generation Loss, A Fragile Tomorrow have one mission: to redefine themselves during times of upheaval and rise up more powerful and daring than ever.

Emotionally dense and sonically polished, Generation Loss centers upon themes of loss, resurrection, and change in all of its forms (personal, political, universal). With an ear for sumptuous production, the band serves up smart slices of krautrock-heavy psychedelia. Dreamy vocal harmonies are layered into kaleidoscopic synth jams while supported by bursts of quirky, fuzzed-out guitar and groovy bass lines.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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