Video Premiere: Freddie Freeloader – ‘Almond Blossom’

Freddie Freeloader is releasing his third single and video, “Almond Blossom,” from the forthcoming debut EP, CRIMSON I.

Freddie is an anonymous musician from the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada—a multi-instrumentalist, writing, and recording songs about real stories and memories from his life.

With the new song, Freddie recalls a story about wanting to live in the past with an old version of himself and an ex-girlfriend, wishing the life could be as simple as before.

Freddie Freeloader chats more about the new single, “Almond Blossom is a song speaking to the memory of someone you once loved. A nostalgic story of wishing someone’s former self would stay awhile and not leave you.”

Watch the video for “Almond Blossom” here:

For more from Freddie Freeloader, find him on InstagramTikTok, and his official website.

Photo courtesy of Freddie Freeloader

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