New Noise is premiering the lyric video for GAMA BOMB’s new single “Miami Supercops.” The single is taken from their upcoming album, Sea Savage, due for release via Prosthetic Records on December 4.

Sea Savage is surely set to be the soundtrack to the final days of 2020 for old-school metal lovers the globe over!  Although the single has a distinctive, 80’s vibe to it, the album it’s taken from weaves a pelagic tale through each audio missive, driven by thrash and classic metal attitude.

The album is the band’s first since the departure of longtime drummer, Paul Caffrey, seeing James Stewart (Vader, Decapitated), taking up the sticks and delivering a devastating performance. 

Check out the satirical song and video for Gama Bomb’s “Miami Supercops” below:

If you didn’t think Gama Bomb’s Philly Byrne had something to say about the new video, you’d be wrong. Read the full quote and explanation below:

‘”Miami Supercops’ is our love letter to all classic cop movies, listing all the cliches and tropes you’d expect in the genre. It’s inspired by the 1985 Italian comedy-cop movie of the same name. Over the last year, and God knows why, Domo has become obsessed with this film and wrote lyrics that sum up the plot with eerie accuracy. The music is kinda classic Gama Bomb speedy-thrash and has some of the coolest riffs of the new album. There’s a line in this that says, ‘Have your friends over, but don’t take off your gun belt’ and I think it’s the most accurate observation ever made about cop movies.’” 

Photo by Gama Bomb.

Get Sea Savage here.

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