New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Apollo Thirteen” by Gianni Paci. The song’s slow burn, acoustic driven soundscape is a great way to ease into the day, or relax at night. Take a listen and watch this emotionally tense video below!

“What is the best way to make sense of a seemingly senseless tragedy? With ‘Apollo Thirteen,’ Gianni tries to answer that question, as the overarching analogy is applied to the cataclysmic loss of a lover-to-be. ‘That’s in the past,’ he sings, repeatedly, although the passion in his voice betrays this mantra: it seems he is determined to convince himself that he is healed from what he never even knew he felt. And while the artist is haunted by this failed flame, the woman in the music video is haunted by him, with her attempt to work her way through such despair ending in an even bigger mess.” –Lou Esposito

“Recorded at the fabled and mysterious Pie Studios, Gianni Paci’s new EP, aptly named after the place, is about as spooky as it gets. The story behind the session is the stuff of future legend: a young kid with The Voice, The Guitar and The Songs takes a crack at making an impression on The Producer (Perry Margouleff) who’s worked with all of his favorite behemoths, hanging on a wing and a prayer for the sort of cosmic chemical reaction that might also launch him into The Stratosphere of Stardom. And while the audacity to step up to that lofty plate is rooted in equal parts bravado, skill and youthful naiveté, this record is the document of that dream. After all, this is the studio where The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Jimmy Page have chosen to work out of. So when The Kid got to play The Producer one of his originals on the studio’s 1937 Martin D Acoustic, he did good enough to play him another. Margouleff asked him back to record a full set the next day, and the rest is history: one take per song, at a single Neumann U47 microphone, in the live room at Pie, with that old, beat up guitar and a whole lot of story to tell.” –Lou Esposito

Photo by Melinda Napolitano


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