About over a month ago, New Noise Magazine premiered the single “Gum” by Have A Good Season. We were excited about the clever lyrics and the catchiness of the hooks. Now, Have A Good Season have attached a nostalgic music video to the tune, shot with a retro flair that weaves the band playing in a basement and hanging out for a day. With this stellar backdrop and the song’s infectious melodies, “Gum” (recorded and mixed by Adam Cichocki of Timber Studios) has turned into a hit single of 2017. The music video was filmed and directed by Brett Sweeney.

“The goal of the video was to incorporate things that define our band. Anything from Japanese culture to skating to art. And of course, the energy of playing live shows. Our good friend Brett Sweeney filmed it on a Hi8 camera to create an old school vibe. Grainy and warm, sort of like a memory.” – Have A Good Season




Have a Good Season is a power trio that started in 2012 playing DIY shows in basements and backyards around New Jersey. Their blends the emotive drive of older acts like Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr. and American Football with distinct lyricism and melodic intricacies that set them apart from other bands in the “emo” and “indie” genres. With 2 EPs and a single in their catalog, Have a Good Season is an example of committed local musicians with the mindset to bring back the nostalgic sound of the 90s with their own personal twist. Plus, their live set rips.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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