Video Premiere: GREENBEARD – ‘Get in the car. No time to explain.’

Austin, Texas stoner rockers GREENBEARD are unveiling their new LP, Variant, on April 9, and ahead of the new release, they are sharing their new video, “Get in the car. No time to explain.” You can check it out right here at New Noise.

The new album comes nearly three years after the band first set foot in the studio. It was a long wait, facing COVID-19-related challenges, lineup changes, and industry-wide delays in vinyl production. Variant acts as a tribute to new directions, creative experimentation, and engaging with a wider musical community. It also sees a departure in sound for the group, previously solely sitting at the intersection of desert and stoner rock, now incorporating significant soul and R&B influences while still fully nodding to their heavy stoner roots.

“Wanting to blend stoner rock and soul, we entered into the recording process with a collaborative mindset, leaving room for the process to unfold in the studio,” GREENBEARD frontman Chance Parker says.

While fans will need to wait a bit longer to enjoy the album in full, GREENBEARD are giving listeners an idea of what to expect with the new video, “Get in the car. No Time to explain.” which serves as a vehicle for the band’s transition from black and white to colorscapes, also showcasing their new embrace of soul—bringing in gospel-inspired choirs, slide guitar, and horn sections—alongside their classic, stoner rock sound.

“We wanted this song to feature lots of soul, some big band elements, and universal good vibes,” explains drummer Buddy Hachar. “It’s a strategically stark transition from the typical stoner rock motifs that people generally expect from us.If we only were given one song to show people what we are doing with Variant, this is the song.”

Watch the video for “Get in the car. No time to explain.” here:

For more from GREENBEARD, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of GREENBEARD

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