“Find Out” will be released August 21 via GULL’s new full-length, Relative Stranger, via Lagom Audio/Visual. You can hear it with us first.

“Honey bees have a second stomach for nectar storage that’s called a ‘honey stomach,'” says GULL. “The nectar is regurgitated and passed from one worker to the next until honey is made and is then stored in the cells of the honeycomb.
“I wanted to make a video that followed a pulsing, reflective, dying bee to a struggling hive … oozing blood like honey for the sake of the colony.
“The song itself is about human influence on the environment and the ways many creatures (ourselves included) are forced to sacrifice and adapt. The beat was made by direct hits to a mic and its natural feedback was heavily processed. A kick was added, then vocals and squealing synth.”

Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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