Video Premiere: Halfwait – ‘My Past’

Three-piece, Sydney, Australia-based rock band Halfwait mix the sounds of grunge, punk, and alternative rock to create a new sound all their own. Now, the band is revealing a new track, “My Past,” adding a shade of nuance to their extensive collection of singles and nod to the those who helped pioneer their genre.

The song points to sounds of the past, like Blink-182 and Fontaines D.C., like a pop-punk jam with a special Halfwait twist fans have come to expect.

The band chats more about “My Past” and the new video, saying it, “… came about pretty straight forward as we knew that we hadn’t done a performance-based music video at that point as all of our previous videos were story-based, so we were really interested in getting that done with the lighting and the performance aspect of it all.

“The director of the music clip hired an abandoned warehouse for the day of shooting the video, and the crew setup all of the lighting to get the settings all right for us to perform the song numerous times over about five, six hours which was really draining, but a cool thing to experience!”

Check out the new video for “My Past” here:

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Photo courtesy of Halfwait.

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