New Noise Magazine is pleased to be premiering the music video for “Blue and Green” by Hayley and the Crushers. The song features boiling hooks and chord progressions, relying on a raw texture to give the song its edge. It’s a bouncy, soothing tune to ease into this Tuesday. The music video shows a bit more of the wild nature of the group, doing day to day tasks that turn into a mermaid filled, beach loving atmosphere. Watch the video below and be on the lookout for more music when their next release, Cool/Lame, drops on September 28th! Pre-order links will be live on August 18th. via Eccentric Pop Records.

“Is it cool? Is it lame? Did they like it, share it or ignore it altogether? Our new single ‘Blue and Green’ is all about letting go of that constant anxiety–if you can hack it! Living on the sleepy Central Coast of California, the sea is a constant reminder of what’s actually real. Each member of the band lived in different cities for years (Hayley and Gabriel: L.A. area), Reid (Oakland) before getting sick of the constant calamity of it all. We came together in this mild midway place, where drive-in movies still exist and the town’s main claim to fame is an alleyway covered in chewed bubblegum. Our music reflects the tension of living in a small town: it is half sugary dream, half neurotic nightmare. Our new album Cool/Lame is full of that give and take, this song representing a cleansing moment of escape (and perhaps a momentary detox from urban life for our city dwelling listeners). The album took us to the weirdest recesses of our imaginations and the strangest corners of the West Coast. From the dark Oakland warehouse where the album was recorded to tape (courtesy of sound engineer Bart Thurber of House of Faith Studios) to songwriting sessions in the back of our rickety Ford van while driving up the coast to Seattle and back, the sound is half summer vacation, half summer school detention.” — Hayley Crursher Cain, Frontwoman and guitarist, Hayley and the Crushers

You went to the beach to get a tan but were rudely interrupted by a gaggle of leather-clad beasts feasting on beer and ho-hos under the pier. Don’t worry—it’s just California’s peculiar power trio: Hayley and the Crushers. Over the past two years, the band produced an EP cassette (“Gidget’s Revenge”), full length cassette (“Jewel Case”), and now, their forthcoming sophomore album (“Cool/Lame”), available on sunny, yellow vinyl. Thanks to frequent touring, the band has already sent a chlorinated wave of electricity across the West Coast from Southern California to Seattle. Now, the San Luis Obispo, CA trio is ready to introduce the entire world to their wet and wild brand of “poolside glitter trash.” Cool/Lame (to be released 9/28/18 from pop punk/power pop label Eccentric Pop Records) is proudly hip, square, and full of reverb-soaked spunk.

The band’s 2016 full length Jewel Case has been applauded by underground tastemakers at Razorcake and Pork magazines for its “new oldies sound” reminiscent of the Go Gos, drive-in movies, and teenage hijinx. The trio’s syrupy garage-tinged pop has been descried as “like Bazooka Joe bubblegum stuck to the bottom of your combat boot,” and front woman/guitarist Hayley Crusher is akin to Gidget with budget model Gretsch. Call them a “demonic version of the Go Gos” or just plain fun, and you’d be equally accurate. With wild stage antics and warm soda pop pumping through their veins, Hayley and the Crushers is a kind of frantic fun that can only have come from California’s Crusherverse.

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