The haunting melodies of Head Apart’s “Losing Touch” will get you in the mood for their new record, Heaven On My Mind Hell In The Heart out February 7 via Wood & Nail Records.

This is the second single off of the album Heaven On My Mind Hell In The Heart by Head Apart. The lyrics reflect on one’s devotion of faith that has lost its zeal over time. It’s as if the narrative of the ex-devotee is experiencing buyer’s remorse of their faith in the lament of the song’s second verse: “Never mind what you’ve been going through when all of eternity’s ignoring you. So, you made a list of all the people you’ve ever loved and, called it, ‘Losing Touch.’ ‘Cause when you lose the ones you love, feels like there’s nothing below and nothing above.”

The haunting vocals in the chorus of “Losing Touch” almost taunts the ex-devotee with a tongue-in-cheek cadence, “Where do we go when we go to sleep? Nobody knows, not you or me lest we lie under the dirt. Wherever we go when we go to sleep and, where we’d hope to go are different things. Now, darling, inherit the earth.” The song reeks of pessimism of a loving God and afterlife but, it is just one snapshot of a collective narrative of the album Heaven On My Mind Hell In The Heart.

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