After the promising debut, the sophomore follow-up from the Budapest-based modern metal band Heedless Elegance has finally arrived under the name of Libra.

With new additions to the line-up, the band has started a new chapter on their path and began to work with a new kind of dynamics in their attitude to create this effort, which was a long and dedicated process after Wanderer.

The band have released two singles “Friends” and “The Blaze of Glory” with a music video, and now you can listen to the entire outcome on every online platforms as well as ordering the exclusive, cross-shaped, digipak release. The recording process was handled by the No Silence Studios, while the artwork and the full booklet were created by Krisztián Buzás (Orient Fall).

As the band says w:

Libra is a concept album—divided into two parts with eight songs in total—about a fictional character and its inner journey from a murder driven by a long-awaited revenge to the dissolving death of himself. The secret world of the character is weaving through the full spectrum of the emotional scale, which we tried to follow as much as we could instrumentally while exceeding ourselves as well.

“As far as we are able to look back from now to the past two years, we truly think that it has become a colorful-yet-coherent album overall. It was a challenging task for us to create such an LP while being honest and fulfilling our expectations to ourselves. The concept of duality, which accompanies the band from the early days is madly represented in the new songs as well in the artworks, which is exclusively enjoyable through the hand-numbered, 10-panel, cross-shaped digipak.”

Photo by Hegyi Julia Lily.

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