Heavy, introspective Here/Now get groovy and deep with their latest video, “Dilate,” the title track from their upcoming album, out January 10.

Feel. That’s the mantra for Philadelphia based post-hardcore band Here/Now. Deep rooted in the belief that music should provoke you, this four-piece thrives on the discourse between speaker and listener.

Here/Now began in 2016 with their debut release “As Alone As You Thought You Were,” which derives from the band’s early post-hardcore influences.

“The goal has always been to create music that would challenge both the band and listener emotionally and introspectively,” says Pat Findley, vocals/guitar.

In February 2019, Here/Now began recording their new album Dilate with Mike Watts at VuDu Studios in Long Island, NY. This release shows off the band settling into their own skin.

The music video for “Dilate” is a representation of the most simple and purest form of being moved.
Photo : Jordyn Lyric 

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