Video Premiere: Hex Girls – ‘Electric Eel’

The band finished recording the upcoming album, Pop Fluff, the first week of March, right before the severity of the COVID-19 situation began to hit home in the US. As we postponed and later canceled our summer tour, along with the rest of our 2020 plans, we started to realize that the track ‘Electric Eel’ in particular embodied the strange anxiety of living through 2020. 

Written well before the pandemic, “Electric Eel” has a stir-crazy sort of energy about it – both lyrically and musically. The concept for the video, which we filmed in the early fall of 2020, was to replicate that sort of anxious absurdity we were experiencing day-to-day. So we stuck our guitar player in a dinosaur costume and had him do the everyday, mundane things one does during quarantine–brush your teeth, walk the dog, occasionally get outside to exercise or ride your motorcycle. The opening, of course, is a nod to Dr. Strangelove and how the tension of living through the Cold War is akin to what we’re all dealing with now. It’s the kind of thing that might make you crazy, as we come to realize about the dinosaur character in the end.

Check out our premiere of Hex Girls’ “Electric Eel” below:

Nick Fisher, Hex Girl’s bassist and singer tells us the following about the new song:

“I think people are going to love how ‘Electric Eel’ fits in with the rest of our upcoming album. It encapsulates the sort of campy, nervous punk that is characteristic of who we are as a band. It’s equal parts serious and absurd, and that’s sort of the balance we strike with the rest of the tracks on Pop Fluff.”

Photo courtesy of Hex Girls.

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