We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Hidden Hospitals‘ new music video for their track “Modern Saints,” taken from the band’s album Surface Tension.

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“Places revealed to those seeking resuscitation, rejuvenation, decompression, atonement.” Hidden Hospitals’ website reveals where the band derives its moniker. Their iconic mark captures the band’s foundational vision: obscured within the double “H,” a universal symbol for aid.

Hidden Hospitals’ frequently dark, powerful music strikes a balance with hopeful and often profound lyrical content. Finding their stride in two fully produced EP releases, the Chicago rock quartet’s sound continues to resist encapsulation. It is undeniably human; familiar at its core, modern and austere in its execution.

Hidden Hospitals - Surface Tension cover

Produced and mixed by J. Hall, Surface Tension marks Hidden Hospitals’ first full-length album; a record that churns heavy with kinetic energy and precise movements. Carefully paced through 12 engaging tracks, a stable and familiar thread ties together the album as a whole. The band transitions seamlessly between sharp, taut guitar-rock reminiscent of Diamond Eyes era Deftones and an atmosphere of electronica evoking Radiohead’s Kid A. The band takes a minimalist approach to songwriting–the thoughtful process of reduction, leaving nothing but what’s necessary. In this whitespace Hidden Hospitals gives us a glimpse of a persistent absence in today’s rock n’ roll. They let us hear what we’ve been missing.

The band has balanced these elements over three years of many national and regional tours providing direct support for The Used, Hot Rod Circuit, Cartel and Blindside among others along the way. “The Absence of Emotion” (EP 002) charted six weeks in top 10 CMJ Rock Charts (20 in top 30) and produced a dozen commercial licensing syncs in 2013. Exclusively, EP 001 + 002 is currently stocked at all major music retailers Japan (Cars & Cals Rec).

Hidden Hospitals’ 2015 will see heavy national touring to support Surface Tension’s release. Having cut their teeth on their first two releases, the band is now primed to ignite a fanbase seeking modern rock music. In an interview for the band’s Kickstarter campaign (which sparked the production of Surface Tension) singer David Raymond states “A big part of why Hidden Hospitals exists is because the four of us have collectively agreed that what we seek is outside of ourselves and worth striving for… It’s exciting to me because this feels like the beginning.”

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