‘Get Out’ of your Wednesday slump with the new video from Hollow Fortyfives out March 6 via their new EP, Weekender, via Baby Robot Records.

Los Angeles rock ‘n’ roll power trio Hollow Fortyfives understand the value of a break from the day-to-day grind of modern living. With their new EP, Weekender, the trio have created a rollicking, hard-hitting ode to time off, a soundtrack not simply suited to, but crafted to, incite house parties, late nights, impulsive trips, and the specific type of debauchery that inevitably creates camaraderie.

Weekender is a record that is meant to be played loud, and its sub-20-minute runtime ensures it’ll be over before the cops show up.

“We didn’t make Weekender for people to sit and listen to,” says drummer/vocalist Travis Corsaut. “We want something that makes them want to get up, party, dance, do something, anything.”

While Weekender’s sonic palette is crafted as a devil-may-care respite from daily life, Hollow Fortyfives aren’t ones to shy away from thematic depth. Throughout the record, the band explore concepts of choice paralysis, social inequality, and the fallout after experiencing trauma. The record’s leadoff track, “Nowhere,” is a punchy, garage-pop track full of distorted guitars and pounding drums, while Renberg’s lyrics are a sendup of a stagnant society that always wants more but never takes the steps to achieve it.

On the energetic, dance-punk cut “Get Out,” Renberg calls out a class structure aimed to maintain the status quo and how that feeds into a cycle that leads to many feeling stuck.

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