It’s Tuesday, my dude. Tuesday freaking morning. Total bummer. Time to get up. Wash the streaked mascara off your face and whisper at your Amazon Echo to cue up Through Being Cool while you make some eggs.

Nothing hits better than eggs and emo on a dreary fall morning. But have you tried a little bit of hot sauce on those eggs? Maybe some of that Bad Brains stuff. I’m a fan of the 7 Pod Extreme my self. Come to think of it, maybe your emo could use a little something too. Maybe something sweet? Might I recommend the surgery ambiance of Homecamp?

If you dig your emo sweet and fluffy, then you’re in luck because we’ve got a premiere of the video from U.K.-based Homecamp and their new single, “Thoughts Of You.” Check it out below:

Homecampe is lead by Adam Binder, the frontman of the band Dearist. They have a new album dropping, Did We Return As Something Else on November 13 via Wiretap Records.

On his new project, Binder explains why he’s not releasing the new single under his own name, saying, “It felt cheesy to release music under my own name, and feels like under a ‘band name,’ there is room for friends on recordings and live. People to come and go as they feel. I came up with the name after finding a book, of the same name, about the outdoors on a trip in Belgium. I thought it summed up the sound really well.”

Whatever name you want to release this stuff Mr. Binder, keep it coming!

Elaborating on the new song, Binder shares the following:

“This was the last song written and recorded for the upcoming mini album, Did We Return As Something Else.” I was listening back to what I already had for the release, and I felt like it needed another song that leaned towards the rockier side of our sound. Something with drums.

The songs on the mini album stretch from floaty, ambient arrangements to more mainstream, indie-rock jams, and ‘Thoughts Of You’ definitely sits in the latter camp. As with most of the songs, this one started on piano. I am by no means a pianist, but I use the trial-and-error method of hitting random chord shapes in random rhythms until something sparks a feeling, and then I’m away.”

“As for the lyrics, they are a subject that I’ve never touched on before. The lyrics are a kind of message from future generations to the people of today, pleading with us to look after the planet better. I’ll be completely honest; this is not a subject I’ve really given much thought to until recently. A lot of my friends are vegetarian or vegan, in an effort to cut down on the amount of emissions they are responsible for. It’s a really easy way we can make a difference.

My partner is vegetarian, so 90 percent of the time, I live the same lifestyle out of convenience anyway, but I’m starting to look at what I can do to leave this place in better shape. I think like most people, I’ve been living in the dark and didn’t fully understand the weight of the problem, but all we need to do is educate each other, so that’s what I’m trying to do in the way I know how. I’m trying really hard not to be preachy because it’s something I really don’t like, but if I can spark a new thought with just one person, that’ll be a job done.”

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