Homeless in Hawaii is composed of Digital Audio Arts students from the University of Lethbridge. Brought together by their love for music-making, the four-piece Canadian group blends bombastic percussion and grand melodic rock with pop sensibilities for a sincere experience. Eager to expand its musical universe of stories, Homeless in Hawaii has set its sights on nurturing an inclusive community for its listeners to share.

Check out our premiere of Homeless in Hawaii’s “Chapter III” below:

On their new song and video, Homeless in Hawaii states:

Gold Horizon holds a special meaning to us as we sought to address our anxious feelings of death with optimism. We’ve grown that much more since writing this song 2 years ago and now a worldwide pandemic that everyone has had to adapt to. With that, Gold Horizon has developed a stronger meaning that has brought us together during these times even while apart. We are eager to share this song with hopes that it can bring a little light to others while we all search for that light on the horizon of this pandemic.”

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